Daniel (of the bible) was captured by Babylon and through a series of interesting events was eventually is set in a place of authority over all the wise men of the nation.

Later, wise men from the east (presumably Babylon) saw signs that indicated the birth of a foretold king and traveled far to meet and pay homage to him.

The other night at Northland Church, Dr. Joel Hunter wondered aloud if there were any connection between the two- a strong Hebrew with a gift for prophecy who was charged with the smartest men of another nation may have influenced the others with his own stories, legends, and predictions. As the years went by, the source of these myths may have been forgotten, but the signs to look for were not.

This may not be true, but if it were- it would make me very happy. I love little connections like this.


Keith Milsark
12/16/2011 3:45pm

I think it's highly likely. Daniel, being one of Nebuchadnezzer's (and later Darius') advisors, certainly would have been able to use his position to teach other wise men, or magi, about the coming Messiah, and sharing some of the Old Testament prophecies with them. Numbers 24:17 mentions a star in connection with the Messiah. And one night, hundreds of years later, the magi were watching the stars, and saw something, and said to themselves, "He's come." You never know how your actions will reverberate through other people's lives, maybe even years later.

Nathan key
02/15/2012 2:38am

we have the same name. crazy and what you wrote blew my mind i dont know what to say

03/08/2013 6:42am

I'm very religious so i love the lines and laws said in Holy Bible, every time i read a line it creates a new thing.
Appreciable post you've done.

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