The Casey Anthony trail that's going on here in Orlando got me thinking about my own internet search history.

Did you know that I spent the other night searching about honey, honey bees, beeswax, bumble bee queens, and sue bee honey? And it wasn't because I wanted to become a beekeeper. I just had some honey earlier in the evening and was suddenly interested in where it came from.

After exploring honey for a while, I wanted to learn more about honey bees which lead to an article on regular bees. This made me interested in queen bees and I thought- wow- I bet a bumblebee queen must be enormous! So, of course, I had to search for a *picture of a queen bumble bee.

*Don't do that without Google's safe search on, by the way.

Anyhow, all this made me think that there's gotta be someone really smart at Google or some research institute that is actually tracking search histories to see if there are common threads that most people explore whenever they get interested in a particular topic. This has a lot to do with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but I think there is a much more important philosophical/psychological element as well.

Tracking what we search for and the way we look for new information may open a lot of doors in our understanding of how the human mind works and why we think in certain ways. So, someone get on that so that I can understand my fascination with random trivia in Wikipedia and the like.


11/23/2012 2:49pm

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