I made a challenge for myself to re-brand what I do for a living.

Some call me a trainer. I've also been known as facilitator, performance coach, mentor, learning guide, instructional designer, writer and all sorts of other titles that all fall within corporate learning and development. Well, I decided that I needed to create something new and different that really spoke to what I think about my own role and my abilities.

I came up with the title, Learning Architect.

I think this speaks to what I do. I create spaces where learning happens. I perform this role in the classroom, on the computer, in small and large groups. I do this at work and at church. I think it pretty much summarizes how I think of myself. So, that's how I'll secretly refer to myself- even when my job title says something different.


02/14/2011 1:27pm

I was just talking with someone who did something very similar, and the made-up title ended up being the actual title they gave him. So don't keep it secret...rebrand away!

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